Automatic Irrigation System For Flower Seeds Propagation

Adapter Tee
Connects to Microtube
Barb Nipple
Connects to Microtube
Barb Nipple
Quick Action valve
Plastic Clip
Plastic Clip for Greenhouse
Insert Connector
Connects from PolConnect 16mm Polytube
Insert Elbow
Connect 16mm Polytube
Insert Tee
Connect 16mm Polytube
Male Adaptor
End Line To Connect 16mm Polytube
End Line
End Line To Close the Polytube
16mm Poly Tube
Poly Tank (300 galon)
Micro Sprinkler
Irrigation Filter
Water Pump
Spray Jet

List of Irrigation Equipment and its functionalities

  1. Poly Tank (300galon) – To store water and also allows mixture of fertilizers.
  2. Irrigation Filter – To filter away dirt before pumping water out to the spray jet.

  3. Water Pump – To pump water out from the tank to the spray jet.

  4. 16mm Poly Tube – To allow water to flow to the spray jet.

  5. Timer – To allow the water pump to be turned on / off at a scheduled time set in the timer.

  6. Spray Jet – To create a water mist that is fine enough to water the seedlings.

  7. Dripper - To allow the dripping of water onto the soil on the pot without spoiling the leaves of the plant.

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