Seedling Tray for sowing seeds.

Features of Seedling Tray

  • Encourage strong and healthy root growth.

  • Prevent hurting the roots during transplanting process.

  • Prevent transplanting shock during transplanting process.

  • Optimize each seedling to absorb nutrients during young stage.

Strawberry Tray 32 holes
Seedling Tray 104 Holes
Nursery Tray 104 Holes
Length: 56cm, Width:36cm
Hole Size: 4cm, Depth: 4.8cm
Seedling Tray 200 Holes
Length: 62cm, Width:32cm
Hole Size: 2.5cm, Depth: 4cm

Seedling Tray 162 Holes
Length: 59cm, Width:30cm
Hole Size: 2.8cm, Depth: 6.2cm
Multipot 24 Holes
Plastic Tray - Length :50cm, Width: 32cm
Individual Hole - Size: 8cm, Depth: 7.5cm
Multipot 40 Holes
Nursery Tray 104 Holes
Plastic Tray - Length: 50cm, Width:32cm
Individual Hole - Size: 6cm, Depth: 7cm
Multipot 9 Holes
Plastic Tray - Length: 34cm, Width:34cm
Individual Hole - Size: 8.5cm, Depth: 12.5cm