Celosia Cristata - Hot Summer Survivors

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Celosia Prestige Scarlet(Height: 30cm) - Produce large scarlet ball shaped flowers. Attractive bronze green leaves. Ideal as a summer and autumn bedding plant under hot and humid conditions. Makes a good dot or center plant in garden or container. Prestige scarlet is a 1997 All- America Selections Winner.

Celosia Amigo Series (Height: 15cm)
Vibrant hot colors. Developing a dense crested head, 'Amigo' is an attractive pot or tub plant for use
on balconies or patios in warmer locations. Early flowering with a compact and uniform habit, the 'Amigo's are recommended for commercial bench run production in pots or packs.

Mahogany Red
Neon Rose

Celosia Armor Series (Height: 25 - 40cm)
Armor series, the knee-high type of Celosia Cristata, grow 25-40cm / 10-16 inches. This highly heat tolerant plant makes it usable for landscaping in very high hot summer conditions when other crops may suffer from high temperatures.

Armor Purple
Armor Red
Armor Yellow
Armor Orange
Armor Mix