Aquilegia Spring Magic Grower Fact

Aquilegia Spring Magic


Crop Time:Plug crop: 7-8 weeks; Green pots: 10-12 weeks; Flowering pots: 9-10 months with vernalization

Seed Form:Raw Seed

Seed Count:0 K/g

Sowing Method:2-3 seeds per plug

Germination:20-35 days at 20-24 C 68-75 F in media with low soluble salt levels and pH: 5.5-6.2. Cover seed with vermiculite, sand or substrate after sowing. Keep soil slightly moist but not wet. Temperatures below 20 C 68 F will increase the germination time.

Growing On:5-6 weeks after sowing transplant 1 plant per 10 cm 4'' pot or 2-3 plants in 15-20 cm 6-8'' pot.

Media:Use a well-drained, perennial substrate with 0-15 % clay, 0-15 % organic parts (e.g. wood fibres, bark), 1-1,5 kg/m3, complete balanced fertilizer, 1-2 kg/m3 slow release fertilizer (3-9 months), iron-chelate, micronutrients, pH: 5.5-6.2.

Photoperiod / Light:Day length neutral plant. Keep light levels high. Flowering pot production in winter and spring with additional assimilation light will improve the plant quality. Forcing possible from mid January at 12 C 54 F, 16 h long day and assimilation light (30-40 klx) for 4-6 weeks.

Temperature:Grow at 14-16 C 57-61 F. After the roots are developed decrease the temperature to 8-10 C 46-50 F. The temperature change will support the plant quality. In winter indoors frost free at 3-5 C or outdoors. Forcing in spring for 6-7 weeks at 15-18 C 58-64 F. Cold temperature at 10-12 C 50-54 F will increase the cultivation time. Avoid high temperature at low light levels. A. hybrida needs for vernalization a chilling period (outdoors or chamber) of at least 6-8 weeks at 3-5 C 37-41 F. The foliage of the plants has to be well developed for the chilling period.

Fertilization:Moderate fertilization levels are required. Fertilize the crop weekly with 130 -150 ppm nitrogen (at 2 kg/m3 slow release fertilizer in substrate), using a potassium balanced fertilizer (N: K2O-ratio: 1:1.5). Avoid high ammonium and high nitrogen levels. Don't fertilize after mid September. In spring fertilize with 100-150 ppm nitrogen of a potassium balanced fertilizer.

Cultural Hints:Aquilegia plant parts are poisonous. Light and cold cultivation similar to a primose culture. Do not cultivate the plants too wet or too dry. Sell A. hybrida with buds.