Astilbe Astary Grower Fact

Astilbe Astary


Life Cycle:Perennial

Garden Height:25 cm,9,84 inch

Crop Time:Plugs: 8-9 weeks; Non-flowering plants: 10-12 weeks; Flowering pots and containers: 20-23 weeks without vernalization

Sell Period:March-August; Plugs - Finished Plants; Young plant delivery: week 49 for flowering plants in week 10-11, week 6 for flowering plants in week 17, week 18 for flowering plants from week 32 on.

Seed Count:16949 K/g

Growing On:First transplant: After 3-4 weeks, transplant into growing trays (3-4 cm cells). Final transplant: After 6-10 weeks, pot using one plug (one plant) per 10-12 cm pot.

Media:Use a friable, coarse-fibered perennial media containing 10-20 % clay, 0-15 % organic matter (such as wood chips or bark humus), a multiple balanced fertilizer at 1-1.5 kg per m3, Radigen at 100 g/m3, and a coated time release fertilizer (4-5 months) at 3-4 kg; pH value: 5.5-6.0

Temperature:15-18 ˇăC. Non-frost-free overwintering: Cover the plants with a non-woven cloth to protect against direct sunlight. Frost-free overwintering: 3-5 ˇăC.

Fertilization:Heavy feeder. Apply 150-200 mg N per l of a balanced multiple fertilizer containing a high percentage of nitrate nitrogen. Ensure a good potassium supply. Avoid overfertilization with nitrogen. Use 1-2 applications of sequestered iron to avoid iron deficiency.

Cultural Hints:Providing long days (14 h) in winter especially, reduces the crop time while increasing yields and significantly improving pot plant quality. Water and nutrient deficiencies will cause the flowers to get distorted and wither. Astilbes are intolerant of absolute drought. Drought stress will cause marginal necrosis. Provide supplemental lighting for plants that are to be sold before mid-May.