Seeds Cultivation Techniques


1. Fill the "Nursery Plug Tray" with "Favorit Peatmoss Seedling Substrate"

2. Wet the Seedling Substrate with water and put another layer of Seedling Substrate above the wet Seedling Substrate.

3. Place each seeds in each hole on top of the Seedling Substrate. Extremely fine seeds, such as Petunia, Begonia or Snapdragon are not buried in the substrate, instead they are lightly pressed into the medium.

4. After seeds has been sown, close the fibroot tray with another tray. Since every Seedling tray has hole at the bottom, by covering the fibroot tray with another tray, it will provide airation to the seeds.

5. Another reason to close the Fibroot Tray with another tray is to provide darkness and soil humidity as most seeds germinates well when it is dark and the soil is humid. The Fibroot tray should be close for 3-4 days for optimum germination rate.

6. Keep soil moisture high until radicle emergence, then reduce moisture levels after the radicle penetrates the medium. Do not allow the seedlings to wilt. After 3-4 days depending on the type of seeds, open the top tray and radicles will start to emerge. Start applying a little bit of fertilizers (around 50-75 ppm of Nitrogen) depending on the flower seeds.

7.For the duration of 3 -4 weeks during the seedling period, use fine mist spray to water the seedlings to prevent excessive flooding of the seedlings.
8. Soil formula for annual plants in general. Mix coco peat, Florova peat moss, per lite, padi husk, slow release fertlizer multicote (NPK 17-17-17) for optimum growing substrate.
After 4 weeks
9. Depending on the flower seeds, after 3 weeks or more, you can start to transplant the flower seeds to bigger pots.
  Strong root growth is necessary to prevent transplanting shock and faster plant growth.
10. Apply Fungicide and Pesticide like Antrracol dan Malathion every once or twice every week to prevent fungus and insect attacking the plant.
11.  After 2 months depending on the type of flowers, the plants will start to flower.