Coated Slow Release Fertilizer

Why Wellcoat Slow Release Fertilizer?

When conventional soluble fertilizers are applied to the soil, only a fraction of the nutrients is consumed by plants. Leaching, evaporation and other processes cause substantial losses. Also, most of the nutrients are released from conventional fertilizers immediately after application, leading to the risk of salt damage, followed by starvation in mid-season.The Wellcoat Slow Release Fertilizer Advantage

1) Minimize nutrient losses.
2) Release nutrients at a rate that matches plant requirements.
3) Apply 1 time only for the plant and save labour work.

4) No risk of salt injuries.

How Wellcoat Works

Wellcoat fertilizers consist of high-quality nutrients in granular form encapsulated in a resin coating. As soon as the granules come into contact with moisture in the growing media (above 25% w/w), the granules begin to absorb water vapor through microscopic pores in the coating. This moisture slowly dissolves the nutrient's content, which then diffuses continuously into the root zone.

The release rate is controlled by the soil temperature, which determines the rate of water vapor penetration and fertilizer diffusion. As temperature rises, the release rate increases, and vice versa. The level of water retention, pH values, microbial activity or the exchange capacity of the soil does not significantly affect the release rate.