Favorit SAB Peat Moss (400 litre) - Retains water & reduce leaching of nutriens.


        A ready to use natural product, added with lime to increase pH  level to 5.2-6.

        Florova Peat is a high-grade, slightly decomposed sphagnum moss peat.


Favorit Peat the best humus-maker available!

Favorit SAB (400litre bag)

  1. Retain waters and reduces leaching of nutrients.
  2. Peat moss loosens clay soils and binds sandy soils.
  3. It is particularly useful on heavy soils and helps to prevent waterlogging and caking.
  4. Is rich in organic matter and is a long-term soil conditioner which aerates the soil and improves its structure.


Pure white peat is for improving soil quality and producing substrate. When used for improving soil quality, the increased humus quantity leads to better interaction of air and water. Favorit’s properties make it the ideal raw material for producing substrate.

High quality peatmoss from selected sites in North Germany forms the basis for Favorit growing substrates, to which peat from the Baltic States, Sweden, Finland etc is added according to requirement. These quality raw materials can be supplemented with specially chosen additives, such as clay, sand and quality tested bark humus. In addition, special composts. Pulverized limes and trace elements are incorporated. Each mixture is optimally formulated to meet the needs of the particular type of cultivated plant.



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Favorit SAB Peat