Hydrokorrels - LECA (Lightweight expanded clay Aggregate)

Introduction to Hydrokorrels - LECA (40 liter Bag)

As most commonly known in Malaysia as LECA(Lightweight expanded clay aggregate) or also knowns as pH balanced expanded clay. These expanded shell pellets form a porous growing medium averaging 8-16 mm in diameter. Perfect for use with aeroponic and hydroponic gardens, including ebb and flow tables and systems that use grow cups to support plants. It is also use as decoratives for pot plants.

LECA are mostly use in hydroponic and aquaponic as these methods uses soiless medium for the growing of plants.

Hydrokorrels has the following characteristics:-

  • Holds an even ratio of air to water.

  • Helps to buffer pH changes over time.

  • Is easily flushed and re-wets easily after storage.

  • Is reusable or biodegradable to insure safe disposal.

  • Is inexpensive and easy to obtain.

  • Is lightweight and easy to work with both indoors and out.

What is Hydroponics?

The modern definition is that hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. When you grow a plant hydroponically, all the nutrients and all the water is readily available to the plant (traditional potting mixes only release about 70%). Thus in hydroponic the plant does not have to work hard to get the food and water. It can therefore spend all it's energy on growing the plant instead of growing roots. In soil the big root net is necessary for the plant to be able to find enough food and water.

If not Soil, Then What?

Typically, there are several types of growing media for hydroponic systems.  These
are all coarser than soil so that there are air/water pockets between the granules that allow the plant's root system to breathe better (gives the root systems better access to oxygen, which is essential).  These growing media include,

  • Coconut Coir (shredded Coconut husks, common trade names are Ultrapeat, Cocopeat, Coco-tek)
  • Perlite (air puffed glass pellets)
  • LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate)