Perlite (Volcano Rock White Color and High Porosity) - 9kg, 100l Bag

Perlite a unique volcanic mineral. It expand 13 times its original volume when it is heated to 1700 F. It weights 80 128 Kg per cubic meter.

Each particle of perlite is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles. Provides extremely large surface area. The surface of each particle is covered with tiny cavities. These surface trap moisture and make it available to plant roots and to the stems of cuttings. In addition, because of the physical shape of each perlite particle, air passages are formed in the growing mix providing optimum aeration.

The development of near ideal structural conditions in growing and propagating media is made possible by the following characteristics of horticultural perlite:

1)       Improves aeration and drainage.

2)       Make moisture and nutrients readily available to plants.

3)       Is inorganic and does not deteriorate.

4)       Has essentially neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

5)       Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.

6)       Is sterile and free of weeds and disease.

7)       Is clean, odorless, lightweight, and safe to handle.


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