Potting Mix


  • Salt Content Has Been Extracted Out (EC level < 1)
  • Coco coir is an ideal grow medium because it holds water exceptionally well while still promoting good drainage and aeration.
  • Holds 6X its weight in water.
  • Nutritionally, coco is also an excellent choice. Depending on the source, it is rich in potassium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc.
  • Cocopeat promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria because of compounds called lignins.Not only will beneficial bacteria thrive when lignins are present, helping to minimize harmful bacteria, but if you add beneficial microbes to your hydroponic system, they will be optimized.


Potting Mix 20 Liter (Cocopeat + Perlite + Fertilizer 8:8:8) approx. 7kg  consist of washed cocopeat (80%) + Perlite (20%) + NPK Balance 888 fertilizer is suitable for annual plants, herbs and vegetables.

Most flowers, herbs and vegetables can only grow in planting media with salt content < 1000mS. As for the Cocopeat Mix 20L, the cocopeat has been washed so that the salt content is acceptable to the plants.

This Cocopeat mix is perfect for soil less growing medium method.

  • pH 6.3 ( Average +/- 2)

  • EC <1000 mS tested at 1: 1.5 Volume Extraction Method.

  • Moisture Content when packed 18%

  • Water requirement for saturation per kilo 6 Litres.

  • Volume Out-turn 15 – 17 Litres Per Kilo of Cocopeat.

Content of fertilizer in the Cocopeat Mix

Total Nitrogen (N)8%,
Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) – 8%
Total Potassium Oxide(K20) – 8%
Ammonical Nitrogen – 5.7%
Citrate Soluble P2O5 – 0.7%
Total Magnesium Oxide(K20) – 3%
Organic Nitrogen – 2.3%
Water Soluble P2O5 – 3.7%
Water Solublue MgO – 2.4%
Organic P2O5 – 3.6%
Citrate Soluble MgO – 0.6%
Contains Amino Acid, Trace Elements – Cu, Zu, B